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Cryoprotection technology for advanced medicines

Providing companies and scientists with significant improvements in post-preservation yield, viability and function of cells

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Our company works to accelerate cryochain technology for advanced life-saving medicines.

World leading research into the science of cell freezing with engineering expertise to create pioneering cryochain technology for advanced medicines

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To accelerate

Basic research, biotechnology and pharma R&D through on-demand cells for human disease models

To revolutionalize

Organ transplant, bio-banking, IVF and human hibernation

To standardize

and create a new platform of enhanced consistency across cell types and therapeutic manufacturing

To bioprotect

Cell and Gene Therapy products for human transplant with superior functionality and reproducibility
Our vision is to significantly enhance the quality and performance of all cell-based products used in biomedicine
Our mission is to use our technology to standardize and globally transform cryoprotection for cells, organs and humans

Everlast® — the first "Pharmaceutical" Cryoprotectant

A completely different approach to targeting cryoprotection through the use of chemical biology. Here we identified a critical pathway for cellular responses to freeze/thaw damage and use small molecules to penetrate cells instantly

Everlast Platform — technology to transform multiple verticals in the biomedical industry

Cell and Gene Therapy

Cells for research

Eggs / sperm

Organ transplant and banking

Human Bio-Stasis, cryonics and hibernation

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Evergreen offers commercial-stage manufacturing for your product

In advising clients, Evergreen will provide a roadmap for each therapy to accelerate progress in:

Quality assurance and risk analysis

Evaluation of manufacturing plan

Process development, scale-up, and stability

Regulatory assessment and outline of services

Business development and commercialization pathways


Overnight delivery of Genetically Engineered Cells (GECs™) ready for experiments

Organ Preservation and Tissue Banking

Developing solutions for enhanced bioprotection for banking and transplant of diverse tissue types

Gene & Cell Therapy

Enabling cGMP quality inventory with enhanced functionality and consistency through standardized processes and extended shelf life

Our major services

Cryogenic processing of cellular therapies — from freezing to thawing — to support our customers’ research to improve healthcare throughout the world

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With our corporate, commercial, technical and scientific expertise you'll achieve:




Market Analysis
and Research


Marketing and
Strategic Planning


Research Design,
Product and Process


Cell Expansion
and Differentiation

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What our customers say

Evergreen’s cells were critical our publication timeline, where we needed high quality cells not otherwise available. We never imagined frozen cells could work like Evergreen’s did.
Dr. Hector De Jesus Cortes
Senior Fellow, MIT
Finally we have an alternative to using animal cells for experiments where we need immediate and consistent results.
Dr. Samie Jaffrey
Professor, Weill Cornell Medical College
Our large pharma client needed actionable results quickly and reliably for a custom in vitro assay. This would not have been possible without Evergreen’s cells.
Dr. Christopher Rex
CSO, Afraxis

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